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Freddie Mac Seller Guide Updates – COOP Hazard Insurance Requirements

Freddie Mac recently published Seller Guide Bulletin 2022-20 ( Within this Bulletin, Freddie Mac announced that they are updating their requirements for hazard insurance for Cooperative Corporations (COOP property types). Currently, Freddie requires the Cooperative Corporation policy to provide insurance coverage for fixtures, improvements, alterations and equipment within the individual Cooperative Units. Freddie Mac is updating the Guide to require an H-06 unit owner’s policy to insure these items when they are not included in the COOP.

This update is effective January 5, 2023, but Sellers may implement immediately.

Guide impacts: Section 4703.2

If Proctor provides tracking services for your entity, your relationship manager will reach out to discuss any changes that may be needed to your business rules. The Proctor Loan Protector Compliance Team will continue to monitor this topic and provide updates as they develop.