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IIM (Intelligent Insurance Manager)

We named our insurance tracking application Intelligent Insurance Manager (IIM) because it does exactly that: intelligently manage your borrower’s insurance so you have full confidence that your portfolio is properly handled.

When servicers outsource their insurance tracking operations to Proctor Loan Protector, they get access to our proprietary insurance tracking system, IIM.

Built in-house by a team of application developers and IT professionals, IIM tracks residential and commercial loans for insurance purposes. IIM is scalable and configurable, using state-of-the-art technology to prevent borrower harm, minimize consumer complaints, respond to regulatory changes, and allow complete transparency for vendor management and quality assurance.

view insurance documents

view borrower correspondence

listen to recorded borrower phone calls

check on
claim status

transaction history

generate vendor management reports

Transparency in Vendor Management

Memorialization of all borrower touchpoints accessible at any time to conduct independent vendor management.

Thorough Servicing System Integration

Seamless data flow between IIM and your servicing system in order to track and maintain accurate insurance records.

Built for Compliance

Tight controls related to borrower notifications, lender-placement, cancellation, refunds of lender-placed insurance, evaluation of adequate coverage, and changes in flood zones.

Mitigates False Placement

Configurable and agile to respond to regulatory changes, maintain compliance, and mitigate borrower harm.

Proprietary and Scalable

Supported by a robust, in-house team of developers and investment in automation & enhancements.

Technology Best Practices

Following strict technology protocols for a properly developed and secure system.


IIM - Intelligent Insurance Manager
(Length: 36 Seconds)

We'll show you how our proprietary tool intelligently tracks insurance.

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When considering a lender-placed insurance provider and insurance tracking partner, seek a solution that leverages technology best practices balanced with a team of experts who can ease the burden of the implementation. Here are the three things to consider for a smoother implementation.

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