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South Carolina Department of Insurance Response to Hurricane Florence

In response to catastrophic events of Hurricane Florence, the South Carolina Department of Insurance issued an Emergency Insurance Regulation on September 14th (Emergency-Order-No-2018-EO-001), suspending certain provisions of the South Carolina Insurance Code, including those related to cancellation and non-renewal of insurance policies.   The Emergency Regulation is applicable to all lines of insurance that are subject to regulation under South Carolina Insurance Law.  Flood insurance policies issued pursuant to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are not subject to the Emergency Regulation.

In reviewing the Emergency Regulation, PFI wants to call your attention to Section 4, which provides a 60-day moratorium on cancellations of insurance policies attributed to non-payment of premiums by insureds. The moratorium ends on November 13, 2018. PFI will temporarily suspend lender placement notification activity in the affected counties until after the moratorium is lifted.  PFI encourages clients to review their internal insurance processing and lender placement notification procedures to ensure compliance with this rule.

Your Client Relationship Manager, Account Manager and/or PFI Representative can be contacted at 1-800-424-8828 for additional questions.