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IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager: Your e-Client Portal for Preferred Policy Tracking and Lender Placement

With over 1,600 financial institutions utilizing Proctor Financial for lender-placed insurance servicing, PFI developed the flexible, state-of-the-art IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager® system to allow these clients to view lender-placed activity – such as additions, terminations, refunds and claims – 24/7 through this user-friendly e-Client portal.

A key feature of PFI´s proprietary system consists of the real time assessment of claims, which includes the claim´s details, any correspondence with the borrower and the ability to view the adjustor´s reports with pictures.

In addition to the lender-placed activity, PFI offers two solutions for your preferred policy insurance tracking needs. The first solution utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning, workflow and tracking directly into IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager.  This solution takes full advantage of the key components such as the built-in exposure model along with the ability to link collaterals between loan numbers.  All of these components minimize the false placement of lender-placed insurance.

The second solution involves a hybrid process which utilizes the client´s servicing system to update IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager but adds in some of IIM´s components such as document retrieval, borrower correspondence and borrower calls.

All of IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager´s solutions have robust reporting capabilities including customizable Lender-Placed and Claims reports in detail and summary formats as well as 13-month management trend reports, which can be printed or exported into Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat PDF.

To schedule a demonstration or learn more about IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager, please contact your PFI representative.