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Company News

Announcing Our Brand Refresh

Today, we’re pleased to announce a big change – Proctor Financial is rebranding. After over a decade, we updated our visual identity. This includes a new logo, tagline, brand positioning, colors, font, and overall graphic style.

We’re proud to share our refreshed and reinvigorated Proctor brand:

What’s New

Defining our company values.

To start the process, we thought deeply about our company mission and the driving tenets that inspire us to provide lender-placed insurance and insurance tracking services to our clients. So we asked ourselves, what are the values that drive our business and guide us to carry out our mission of protecting our clients and their borrowers?

  • INTEGRITY |  We value the integrity of our data, our teammates, and our business operations. Honesty, commitment, dedication help us build trust and confidence that Proctor is known for.
  • EXPERTISE |  We strive to be the most experienced, most professional team in the industry. Clients rely on us to be industry experts.
  • ACCURACY |  Our policies, procedures, controls maximize efficiencies to meet the highest level of service standards. Commitment to quality of work reduces mistakes, minimizes consumer complaints, mitigates false placement, and improves data integrity.
  • COLLABORATION |  We view clients, vendors, and teammates as true partners. Together, we proactively solve problems and create unique solutions that provide value for all involved.
  • AGILITY  |  We are a nimble organization that adapts to change. We build our applications, processes, and internal culture to foster innovation that solves client needs.

The Logo


The face of our visual identity, we modernized our Proctor logo: two arrows frame a bold PF adjacent to our company name, PROCTOR FINANCIAL. The logo incorporates design elements that reflect our company values:

Balance & symmetry of design elements represent integrity. Top arrow points upwards & forward, indicating progress & improvementBoth arrows’ opposite movement showcases growth, expansion, and scalability Ninety-degree angles and sharp edges demonstrate precision and meticulousness. Two graphic elements indicate partnership & collaboration. Gradient of two blue colors represents the fusion/blending of two. Energy & motion of the PF represents agility.The arrows’ angles demonstrate the ability to change directions & be responsive.


You’ll begin to see our new logo and colors on our website, social media, digital presence, and tradeshows.

Where Partnership Meets Innovation.

Our tagline is evolving. Previously Value Through Partnership, we’ve learned that the best value we can create for our clients is our strength in partnership coupled with our culture of innovation: innovation in our insurance products, innovation in our services offerings, and innovation in our technology and proprietary applications.

Our teammates and organization embody the expertise, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit where partnership and innovation meet.

This new tagline pays homage to our previous, but with a strong nod toward our pioneering attitude and forward momentum.


You’ll notice that our website has a flashy new introductory page that explains more about our brand refresh using our improved visual identity. This is temporary until the redeveloped launches in a few months.

Why We Did It

Over the course of our company’s history, we’ve grown and adapted to a changing world and evolving industry since the dawn of the 20th century. Since the introduction of the Proctor brand you’ve known for over a decade, our organization has transformed with the ever-changing mortgage servicing industry to continue providing the best insurance products and service solutions for our clients. We’ve significantly invested in our technology, infrastructure, and talent. With offices growing in Troy, Michigan and now Daytona Beach, Florida, we’re more scalable that ever. Our new brand identity reflects this growth as a strong, capable organization.

This brand refresh at the beginning of a new decade marks propels us into many more years of future innovation and growth.

Staying True to Our Mission

At the core of our business, our objective remains unwavering: to provide insurance products and services that result in the protection of our clients. We continue to deliver on this promise by providing compliant solutions and insurance products that are driven by superior customer service through our innovations, technology, and experienced team. This will always remain true.

What’s Next?

We’ll be updating our logo across the organization. Please pardon our dust as we transition our assets to the new logo.

A new & improved is currently under construction and expected to unveil in a few months.

We’re poised for growth and scalability, with expanding offices in Daytona Beach, Florida.

A Collaborative Effort

This brand evolution is grounded in a defined brand narrative and visual identity crafted by the Proctor marketing team in collaboration with local partner agencies, Octane Design and Inside Out Development.


We welcome you to contact your account manager or our marketing team if you have any questions about the new Proctor brand.