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PFI Simplifies Insurance Tracking, Reporting Through Web-Based Applications

Every financial institution associated with Proctor Financial, Inc. has customized needs for their force placed insurance on residential, commercial and REO properties. PFI works with each lender to develop either a complete insourcing or outsourcing solution which fits the client based on size of portfolio and anticipated service deliverables.

Big or small, Proctor Financial offers user-friendly, proprietary insurance reporting and tracking services in conjunction with PFI´s diverse insurance products to simplify the lender-placed process and maintain coverage on these properties.

IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager®provides clients with access to view borrower information at the loan (residential) or collateral (commercial) level, review claims, generate customized date range or monthly executive summary reports, and stay informed on current regulations through Compliance Resources.

For those lenders utilizing PFI´s full Insurance Outsourcing services, authorized IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager users also can listen to recorded borrower phone calls, review processed mail and faxes, and generate specific outsourcing tracking and monthly trend reports.

InForcer®offers a robust web-based insurance tracking and lender-placed reporting system.  InForcer automates the LP hazard/flood insurance process where users can track residential policy expiration dates, calculate premiums and generate private label borrower notification letters and invoices.

Internet Reporting eliminates the need to complete “paper” forms to lender-place insurance on a property.  Lenders can add, change or terminate forced placed hazard or flood insurance on a property 24/7 with e-mail confirmation sent after the property is lender-placed.

Proctor Financial offers these insurance tracking and reporting applications at no charge to clients in conjunction with utilizing our comprehensive lender-placed insurance products.

If you would like to schedule a demonstration of PFI´s insurance reporting and tracking software applications, simply e-mail PFI at [email protected]. For more information about insurance tracking products visit PFI´s Services page.