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Company News

Proctor Financial Now On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Proctor Financial, Inc. is proud to announce we´ve joined the world of social media.  With so much going on with force placed insurance, compliance and other industry news, PFI needed a way to instantly connect with our clients, agents and partners through these popular communication channels.  Social media allows PFI to keep everyone informed on the latest industry happenings along with PFI´s upcoming events, new service offerings and latest compliance regulations such as Dodd-Frank.

Follow us on Twitter for the latest in lender placed insurance and compliance information within the industry.  You´ll find everything from links to relevant articles, updates to our blog, and Proctor Financial´s accomplishments and latest offerings.

By liking us on Facebook, you´ll see a personal view of PFI´s employees including sponsored charities and community events, pictures, upcoming conferences and client-specific events, PFI webinars and more on a daily basis.

Finally, our LinkedIn page offers a forum for shared discussions about relevant and recent topics. PFI encourages you to share your views and insights on popular topics as this group focuses mainly on professional discussions on news-related items.

If you have any suggestions for our pages or would like to see us incorporate additional topics, please contact us through any of these social media channels or at [email protected]. Our goal involves building each page not only as a great resource for information, but as a community that allows for interaction and discussion with clients and agents.