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Proctor Financial Updates Our Blog to Better Inform Our Clients

As a national leader in Force Placed Insurance, Proctor Financial, Inc. is a resource that financial institution clients and PFI´s agent partners turn to time and time again for their force placed insurance needs.  In order to keep those who use our services informed, PFI has developed a blog on our website.

For the last few months, The Proctor Perspective has served as a means to provide information about current happenings within our company, demonstrate PFI´s commitment to the community through the various organizations we support, and offer an alternative channel for the distribution of our quarterly newsletters.

We are proud to announce the continuation of these informative posts, which now will include information on Proctor Financial´s service offerings, current forced placed insurance topics and compliance regulations which affect PFI´s clients.  To keep this information organized, you´ll notice blog categories at the top right corner of each page in The Proctor Perspective section.

Be sure to follow our RSS feeds on Industry News and Compliance Resources to stay on top of the latest with Proctor Financial and forced placed insurance.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.  We´d love to hear from you!