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Proctor Loan Protector Achieves Silver-Level Certification as a Veteran-Friendly Employer

In an era where companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of supporting veterans and military personnel, Proctor Loan Protector has taken a significant step by achieving Silver-Level certification as a Veteran-Friendly Employer. This certification not only reflects the company’s commitment to providing meaningful opportunities for veterans, but also highlights the positive impact such initiatives can have on both veterans and the organization itself.


The Journey to Silver-Level Certification:

Proctor Loan Protector’s journey to achieving this award is a testament to our dedication and effort in creating an inclusive and supportive work environment for veterans. Here are some key actions taken along the way:

  1. Recruitment Initiatives: Proctor Loan Protector has actively sought to recruit veterans into its workforce. This includes participating in veteran career fairs and partnering with various veteran organizations, such as Recruit Military, the Department of Veteran Affairs, AMVETS, and the Department of Labor. This inclusive recruitment strategy helps bring in a diverse set of talents with valuable skills and experiences. Moreover, Proctor Loan Protector took steps in learning from the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency on how to establish a Veteran’s Recruitment Program and how to understand the military culture.
  2. Military Leave Policies: Our company has established military leave policies that go beyond legal requirements, ensuring that veterans called to serve can do so without worrying about their job security or benefits. This policy applies under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA). Proctor also follows the Military Caregiver Leave Act that allows veterans job-protected leave to care for an injured or ill family member.
  3. Employee Resource Groups: Proctor Loan Protector’s parent company, Brown & Brown, offers a Veterans TRG to all teammates. The mission of the Veterans TRG is to create a tight-knit community that celebrates the dedication and sacrifice of our active duty and Veteran teammates, as well as their families. We achieve this by promoting awareness, developing innovative recruitment and retention initiatives, and providing a supportive environment filled with encouragement, valuable resources, and educational opportunities.


Benefits of Silver-Level Certification:

Receiving Silver-Level Certification as a Veteran-Friendly Employer comes with several benefits:

  1. Enhances Company Reputation: Proctor Loan Protector’s commitment to veterans enhances its reputation as a socially responsible and caring employer.
  2. Diverse Skill Set: Veterans bring a unique set of skills and experiences that can greatly benefit the company, from leadership and teamwork to problem-solving and adaptability.
  3. Stronger Team Dynamics: A diverse and inclusive workspace fosters stronger team dynamics, ultimately leading to improved performance and innovation.
  4. Community Involvement: Our company’s effort in supporting veterans can have a positive impact on the local community and the wider veteran network.


Proctor Loan Protector’s achievement of Silver-Level Certification as a Veteran-Friendly Employer is a significant milestone. It showcases the company’s commitment to supporting veterans and creating a workplace that values their contributions. As more organizations follow suit, we move closer to a society that recognizes and respects the sacrifices and skills of our veterans. Proctor Loan Protector serves as an inspiring example of how businesses can make a difference in the lives of those who have served our country.